About Our Company

                Sserg LLC is a privately owned company. We use Print-a-Proto as a trade mark. We are based in Florham Park, New Jersey and we provide our services to all US States and districts. We provide superb  Rapid Prototyping Services and we strive to set ourselves apart with quality and great service.

                Our goal is to help customers cut development costs  by giving them a method in which they may prove a design quickly and early in a design cycle.  This gives the customer the ability to get to market quickly and confidently.

                We are customer oriented and we value our customers. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason a customer is not satisfied, we will do our best to meet the customer's needs.

Sserg LLC provides the following services:

                * FDM Part Manufacturing

                * 2D to 3D CAD Drawing Conversion

                * 3D CAD Drawing Format Conversion

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