3D examples of our work

Below is just a sample of the many 3D prototypes we have printed over the years.

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Blue and White 1 Gal Bottle
Toy Train
Hinge Bracket in Olive Green
Car Manifold for Turbo in Red
Sign in Black & White
Gear in Natural ABS Plastic
Components in Olive Green
Electronic Device Plate in Nectarine & White
Vent Coupling in Dark Gray
PC Board Mount Structure in Black
Card Holder in Blue & White

Colors Available

Your custom part can be printed in any of nine colors. Multiple parts can be printed in different colors as well, further distinguishing your prototype.

Smooth Finish Option

Add a glossy accent to your prototype by applying a smooth finish.

Density Options

If your prototype needs to stay within particular weight or mass parameters, our FDM machines can print your parts in Medium or Low Density as a special customization option.

Interested in a custom 3D printed prototype?

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