Process: We use FDM (Fusion Deposition Modeling) machines to transform your CAD drawings into plastic parts.  These parts are made of strong ABS Plastic that is perfect for prototyping,  functional design testing, and small production runs.

Benefits: This is one of the lowest cost methods to prove a design and it is also one of the fastest.  No tooling costs! No minimum quantity required. We charge based on material used and handling, that's it!


How it works: Use our Online-Order-System to upload your file and acquire a quote. You will then be able to purchase the model online. We accept all major credit cards. You can choose one of eight colors. See Samples.You also have the option of scaling down your model to save on cost. We will print the part and ship usually within 24 hours.

3D CAD Drawing & Types:
The preferred drawing format  is STL (Steriolightography). Most CAD programs will export to STL format or one of the supported types.   We accept the following CAD drawing types:  .PLY, .STL, .OFF, .OBJ, .3DS, .COLLADA, .VRML, .DXF, .U3D, .SKT. How to Export to .STL file.>>

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